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Colin Edward Egan is Principal Consultant of Nexus Knowledge, a consultancy practice he has developed over twenty years that primarily applies his own research in a business and/or university environment but also embraces a network of senior practitioners and academics for the delivery of complex and/or large-scale projects.

Nexus Knowledge works closely with senior executives of companies in relation to the executive education and management development components of their major organizational transformation programmes. It is also frequently involved in the processes of design, delivery and faculty management relating to the successful implementation of initiatives and interventions such as programmes, courses, seminars, workshops, think tanks, masterclasses and webinars.

Transforming Organizations and Cultural Change

Most client projects undertaken by Nexus Knowledge are designed to explore strategic management and marketing principles within a ‘real-life’ company context. Despite the variety of industries and markets in which these clients participate, the organizational design and management development objectives are broadly the same:

      • To standardise strategic management processes and frameworks.
      • To create a professional managerial ‘language’ across multiple divisions and geographies.
      • To design and deploy frameworks, methodologies and processes that provide a common approach to market analysis but still accommodate the great diversity of the product/market segments in which the companies participate.
      • To facilitate a cultural shift within organizations towards a much sharper external focus.
      • To professionalise the customer-facing function.
      • To develop a market-focused company capability.

Key Organizational and Personal Development Themes

The ‘Chrysalis’ as depicted in this graphic symbolises the mission and values of Nexus Knowledge. These relate to positive transformation through personal growth and organizational development and are reflected in the following themes:

      • Inspired leadership.
      • Inter-personal skills and management qualities.
      • Culture and organizations.
      • Organizational learning.
      • Organizational agility.
      • Creativity and innovation.
      • Working in teams and employee engagement.
      • Diversity and inclusion.
      • Talent management.
      • Organizational growth and profitability via strategic clarity and operational excellence.
      • Aligning theory and practice.

Nexus Knowledge Strategic Management Workshops

The ‘textbook’ key point of departure between a ‘Workshop’ and a ‘Seminar’ can be summarised as ‘hands-on’ versus ‘thought first’: doing versus thinking. For the most part, this is a false dichotomy, especially in a company environment where the most effective outcomes are invariably achieved by an effective combination of the two ‘ways of working’.

Nexus Knowledge strategic management workshops are built upon this philosophy and provide a flexible approach to action-oriented decision-making. They range from company-level policy-setting through new product creation to key account management planning. They are typically task-focused and results-orientated. They foster teamwork, develop ‘shared values’ and facilitate employee engagement.

With their broad remit, extended horizons and positive financial impact, Nexus Knowledge strategic management workshops provide a powerful approach to organizational development and cultural change.

The following list summarises the key benefits of the unique workshop approach developed by Nexus Knowledge:

      • It highlights strategic imperatives and priorities.
      • It clarifies multiple strategic objectives.
      • Scenario analysis and contingency planning prepare the company for numerous possible outcomes.
      • It reduces financial risk.
      • It greatly increases the probability of market success.
      • Strategy guides operational decision-making, not vice versa.
      • It provides a strong sense of purpose.
      • All stakeholders are likely winners.


To view a small sample of client engagements deploying this Nexus Knowledge strategic management workshop approach please click/tap the ‘blackboard & bright light’ icon above/left.


The philosophy and practice of Nexus Knowledge strategic management workshops can be summarised as:

…a way of thinking, a way of working.


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