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There has been a huge growth worldwide in the availability of a wide variety of MBA and specialist Masters degrees created for the highly lucrative ‘executive education’ market. These are for the most part ‘open’ programmes which attract participants from a broad cross-section of business sectors, this diversity of background often claimed to be a key benefit by university business school course providers.

Many of the same universities also offer a range of open ‘short courses’ which do not bestow a qualification but claim that many of the MBA-style benefits still accrue to participants.  To see real-world real-time examples of this plethora of executive development service offers, browse the back pages of the current edition of The Economist magazine and/or the ‘Business Education’ section and features published regularly by the Financial Times (although such traditional media are being rapidly usurped by google ads and other more direct approaches to carefully targetted potential consumers).

The fastest-growing qualification in this category is the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) which aims to combine the academic credence of a PhD with a clearly-defined business application, defined by the leading management education accreditation body, AMBA, as follows: “A DBA places emphasis on the novel application of theory, as well as the potential creation or testing of theory within the context of practice.”

Many large companies offer ‘in-house’ executive development programmes, either in partnership with a university business school or by directly employing well-known consultancy firms such as McKinsey & Co. and/or independent professors topping up their meagre college stipend!


Chakra Mandala

Graduate Business Education Programme Design
Since joining academia in 1988, following a ‘career’ as a business entrepreneur, Colin has worked exclusively in the field of postgraduate / post-experience education. He has broadly divided his time between working in the university business school sector and the corporate executive education arena, in many cases combining the two, i.e., developing and managing executive development programmes on behalf of universities.


Please click/tap the ‘Chakra Mandala’ icon above/left for a comprehensive listing of specific examples of programme and course designs which have been successfully delivered by Colin over many years.

Since lists can be dull, the rest of this page provides a graphical representation of a cross-section of Graduate Education core and elective courses designed and delivered by Colin since he rejoined Warwick Business School as a Visiting Academic in 2007, undertaking a variety of teaching and thesis supervision responsibilities there until 2015. During this period and beyond, he has worked in a variety of visiting professorial positions at a number of leading international business schools, most recently delivering an online interactive Executive MBA Core Course,  Marketing Strategy and Management, at the International University of Monaco (IUM).

The most enduring course designed and delivered by Colin has been variations on the theme of Global Business Strategies. Its origins are rooted in a new course written for the Warwick Business School Distance Learning MBA (DLMBA) programme in 1991, co-authored with Professor Peter McKiernan. The course was updated biennially into the noughties when the WBS DLMBA was redesigned.

At the core of the global business strategy course and the book Outside Fortress Europe: Strategies for the Global Market is a Master’s curriculum-designed course based upon international business and strategic management studies, including marketing and organizational behaviour.

To view the book description and contents overview, please click/tap the ‘Outside Fortress Europe‘ book icon to the left/above. A link is also provided towards a detailed table of contents which is available to download (opens in a new tab/window).

While the curriculum framework has remained largely the same, the context and its content have changed beyond recognition over the years. The most recent adaptation of the core Global Business Strategy course was translated in full into Chinese and was delivered by Colin with simultaneous interpretation to senior leaders of Chinese companies and institutions participating in the flagship Executive MBA  Program offered by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

In the first of the ‘Presentation Front Cover’ slides which follow, the HKUST course cover provides a link to a detailed overview of the course outline and its contents.

For the front cover slides which follow, content details are not provided but can be requested via email at the address provided in the ‘To be in touch…’ panel at the bottom of each page on this website. All of the courses represented by their front covers below have been approved as Masters’ curriculum-level standard through the university peer-group external examination process.

The university business school core and elective front covers are followed by presentation covers relating to two ‘Major Project’ in-company management development engagements: (i) The IBM Marketing University; (ii) The BP Sales and Marketing Academy. For detailed information relating to these interventions please see the content presented within the Organizational Development tab of the Main Menu. A link is provided there to a Chapter from the book A Practical Framework for Global Business Strategy Success, an extract which provides background to the rationale and objectives of these two organizational transformation programmes.


Global Business Strategies

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Business School Executive MBA Program
Elective: Global Business Strategies (taught with simultaneous interpretation).

Please tap/click the ‘presentation front cover’ image above for comprehensive details of this course.


Online Executive MBA Program

Monaco Executive MBA: Interactive Online Module
Executive MBA: Marketing Strategy & Management
Delivered weekly in live sessions to participants in locations including Moscow, Monaco, California, France and Germany.


MSc and Executive MBA Core Courses

Warwick Business School Masters’ Programmes
MSc Marketing and Strategy
Issues in Marketing: Theory & Practice
Achieved ‘Warwick Business School Outstanding MSc Teacher Award’.


Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands
Executive MBA
Marketing Management.


IEDC – Bled School of Management, Slovenia
IEDC Executive MBA
Strategic Marketing.


SKOLKOVO: Moscow School of Management
Marketing & Buyer Behaviour (taught with simultaneous interpretation).


Executive MBA/msc Electives

Warwick Business School MBA Programmes
Executive (Modular) MBA Elective: International Marketing
Achieved ‘Warwick Business School Outstanding MBA Teacher Award’ on four occasions.


Warwick Business School MBA Programmes
Executive (Modular) MBA Elective: Integrated Marketing Communications
Achieved ‘Warwick Business School Outstanding MBA Teacher Award’.


Danube Business School, University of Krems, Austria
Professional MBA Elective: Product and Brand Management.


Warwick Business School Masters’ Programmes
MSc Marketing and Strategy
Elective: Global Business Strategy.


In-Company Universities and Academies

IBM Marketing University
Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Advanced Certificate in Marketing Program
Delivered worldwide between 1994-2002.


BP R&M (Downstream) Sales & Marketing Academy
Marketing Excellence Programme, built upon the curriculum of the CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing
Delivered worldwide to participants from all downstream business units.


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